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— January 7, 2016

Sugar is the New Fat

If there is only one thing you would recommend to give up on a diet for weight loss, what would it be?

— December 31, 2015

How important is your pH and your blood type?

How important is your pH and your blood type? Does it really make a difference?

— December 10, 2015

Heptachlor Epoxide associated with Parkinson’s

Can you please explain what Heptachlor Epoxide is and is it true it has been associated with Parkinson’s? Also, what is the…

— November 28, 2015

Dried fruit loses nutritional value, gains convenience

— November 21, 2015

The buzz about bee decline

— November 12, 2015

Read labels to ensure all-natural ingredients in your diet

— November 5, 2015

The great pumpkin hits the table

— October 29, 2015

Sustainability in your diet

— October 22, 2015

The sauce of sauces, the delicious history of ketchup

— October 15, 2015

How to read sugar content, keep track of intake

— October 8, 2015

Activated charcoal not recommended for daily use

Is activated charcoal good to rid the body of toxins? I recently had a friend who accidentally ingested a toxin, and they used…

— October 1, 2015

Check foods for lower glycemic value