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Is zapping food in microwave safe?

I have thrown out my microwave for safety reasons and concerns and was wondering how a convection oven works compared to a microwave? How safe is it for warming my baby's milk?… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/zapping-food-microwave-safe/

Heavy research on metal

  My father recently passed away and had suffered from Alzheimer's for years. I hear and read that aluminum could be associated with Alzheimer's. Is there any truth in those… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/heavy-research-metal/

Mosquitoes have discriminating taste

Can you please tell me if my diet has anything to do with me getting bit by mosquitos? If I am out with my husband, they never seem to bother him at all! Is it my perfume, my blood… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/mosquitoes-have-discriminating-taste/

Probiotics help with may different conditions

Are all probiotics equal? I have taken several different ones and am not sure they really did anything. Do I need a probiotic? I do have digestive issues. Probiotics are live… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/probiotics-help-may-different-conditions/