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Watch out for hidden gluten sources

I developed migraines and after a long process of elimination, realized that a gluten sensitivity was the cause! I have eliminated most wheat from my diet and my migraines have… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/watch-out-hidden-gluten-sources/

Tinnitus a symptom, not disease, condition

I have tinnitus really bad. Is there something with my diet that I can change to give me some relief. I have a pretty healthy diet and lifestyle but do take an aspirin daily!… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/tinnitus-symptom-not-disease-condition/

When in doubt, leave it out

I am borderline diabetic and am trying desperately to eliminate refined sugars from my diet. What are your thoughts about lo han fruit as a natural sweetener rather than… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/when-doubt-leave-it-out/

Ear wax sticky subject

I have excessive ear wax, and it seems to be getting worse. Is there something with my diet that I can change that could help? Can ear candling help? Earwax, created by a… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/ear-wax-sticky-subject/