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Choosing a healthy diet

I am not sure what a "healthy" diet is but I think I am switching to a plant based diet. What are your thoughts and would it benefit someone with diabetes? If you search… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/choosing-healthy-diet/

Lipoma a knotty subject

I am a middle aged male that has developed a lipoma on my arm. Does my diet have anything to do with developing them? This is not the first one I have had! Is there a natural way… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/lipoma-knotty-subject/

The windows of the soul

I recently noticed that I have a gray ring around the color part of my eye. When I mentioned it to a friend, they said I probably had high cholesterol. Is that true? Our eyes… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/windows-soul/

Stress and our Circadian Rhythms

I was recently telling my friend about my poor sleep patterns and he said my circadian rhythm was off. What is a circadian rhythm and how does it affect the body? Circadian… https://www.organicemporiumllc.com/blog/stress-and-our-circadian-rhythms/