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Mosquitoes have discriminating taste

Posted by: admin at 3:30 pm on July 7th, 2016

Can you please tell me if my diet has anything to do with me getting bit by mosquitos? If I am out with my husband, they never seem to bother him at all! Is it my perfume, my blood type, what I eat or what? Is there a safe repellent? Any help would be appreciated! With all this rain-they are eating me alive!

 First off, male mosquitos do not bite people - they feed off flower nectar. Female mosquitos bite and do so because they need a protein in human blood to develop fertile eggs according to Dr. Jerry Butler, professor emeritus at the University of Florida.  However, not all blood is created equal based on the mosquito's perspective. Eighty-five percent of why mosquitos bite people is genetic, since genes dictate our blood type and the chemical makeup of our skin according to the Journal of Medical Entomology. In a study, published in the Journal in 2015, it found mosquitos landed on people with blood type O nearly twice as often and those with type A blood. Another factor that determines how attractive mosquitos are to people is the secretor status. Some people secrete chemicals related to their blood type through their skin. Like your blood type, your secretor status is also genetically inherited according to Dr. Jennifer Mueller of <a href="http://Pets.com">Pets.com</a>. Another very interesting factor on why mosquitos bite some people but not others is because mosquitos can smell carbon dioxide emitted in human breath. Mosquitos use an organ called a maxillary palp to do this and can detect carbon dioxide from 164 feet away according to Dr. John Edman, spokesman for the Entomological Society of America. According to entomologist James Day of the University of Florida, mosquitos are attracted to certain colors of clothing like black, navy blue and red so it is advantageous to wear lighter colors when outdoors. While there are several oils, citronella, cedar, peppermint, lemongrass and geranium that can be effective, oil of lemon eucalyptus has been endorsed by the Center For Disease Control and is safe for children under the age of 3! When we lived in Africa, each evening we would take a walk around the house and break a stem on the lemon plants that surrounded the house. The smell was pleasant and most effective against mosquitos. Unfortunately, my husband contracted Malaria while in Africa and often wondered why some got it and some didn't! Did I mention he is blood type O?  Hhuumm?



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