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Take a chill meal

Posted by: admin at 9:33 am on January 28th, 2016


I was told I have high adrenaline levels and that can have a direct effect on my heart. Are there foods I can avoid to lower these levels or a diet that can benefit adrenal health?


University of California-Davis researchers are studying three foods that raise your adrenaline levels; caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Too much adrenaline circulating in your blood may lead to heart failure, which is different than heart disease. In a research report published in the Journal of Circulation: Recent Advances in Preventative Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine, researchers identified a new pathway activated by adrenaline, the hormone that regulates rate and strength of the heart and causes the heart to beat furiously in a crisis, that contributes to heart failure. Adrenlaine, commonly know as norepinephrine, is the flight fight hormone and in a crisis situation, makes your heart pound, your blood rush to your heart and large muscle groups, your pupils widen, your brain sharpen and your tolerance for pain increase. While your adrenal glands, about the size of your thumb, that sit atop each kidney, are designed to respond in a crisis, they can become overwhelmed when called to action to frequently. Adrenal exhaustion or adrenal fatigue, usually suggests that there are long standing life problems in need of resolution. Dr. Burns C. Blaxall of the University of Rochester Medical Center, lead a research team to discover that chronically high levels of adrenaline spur a bad actor- a protein called PAR1, into action. PAR1 in cardiac muscle cells leads to heart failure, while blocking it protects against the disease. Abnormal adrenaline levels can result in mood disorders, sleep disturbances, reduced resistance to disease, and changes in vital circulation according to Dr. Christiane Northrup. There are several suggestions for drinks to LOWER your adrenaline levels; decaffeinated teas such as chamomile, green, blueberry, mint and hibiscus and drinking pomegranate, either tea or juice, are always beneficial. Magnesium rich foods that can help with excessive adrenaline levels are spinach, salmon, and pistachios. Vegan diets are NOT conducive to adrenal health. Eat regular, nutrient dense foods daily (not junk foods) – and do not skip meals. Avoid overeating carbohydrates (especially sugar), eliminate caffeine and alcohol, and eat more vegetables.


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