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The ups and downs of dieting

Posted by: admin at 3:49 pm on June 23rd, 2016

I am struggling to figure out the best way to lose weight. Is it best to count calories? Is one diet better than the other? Is counting carbs more important? Is blood type important? Thank you

All great questions, and now it is important for you to figure out what works best for your system. That is what makes losing weight so challenging. 

For some, cutting carbs is like magic whereas with others, eating for their blood type is the secret! Many adhere to the Mediterranean Diet and feel like that is the secret. Whichever works for a particular individual, the fact is that calories measure the energy contribution of food. 

The adage prevails that weight loss boils down to calories in versus calories out! 

However, it is important to understand that consuming too few calories can have adverse effects. When the body has sufficient fuel, it burns fat faster. 

When your energy intake is lower than your body requires, the body will begin to break down muscle tissue for energy preparing for what the body think is impending starvation.  Poof - weight gain! Eating for your blood type is a more individualized diet solution geared  toward an acid/alkaline-based diet, where 60 percent of your diet is alkaline foods and forty percent of what you eat are acidic foods. 

Byproducts of the foods we eat, acidic wastes, are the common denominator in all degenerative diseases, according to Felicia Kliment, author of The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet. 

Your blood type reflects your internal chemistry, how you handle stress and how the body absorbs food. According to Dr. Peter D'Adamo, author of Eat Right For Your Blood Type, your blood type is the key that unlocks the door to the mysteries of health, disease, longevity, physical vitality and emotional strength. 

So, the bottom line, whether you eat for your blood type or your diet is based on a percentage of acid/alkaline foods, it is still important to look at how much you are eating - in other words, calories! 

A simple rule of thumb: your palm size should be the amount of protein you take in daily, your fist size the amount of vegetable/fruit portions, your hand cupped equal the amount of carbs, the thumb-the amount of fat, and your little fingernail-the amount of sugar! 

Thought for the week: Tough times do not last; tough people do!

Phylis B. Canion